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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Just About Time to "Winterize" Your Fountain

With the coming of Fall and with Thanksgiving as a guide, now is the time to start thinking of putting your water feature to bed for the Winter.
By following the directions that follow, you can ensure that your water feature will come through the Winter without spalling or cracking.
Step One
Using a wet/dry vacuum remove all of the water and debris that has accunulated throughout the Spring and Summer. After removing the pump’s cover, take special care to vacuum out the water pump’s interior. Make sure that you don’t lose the impellor support shaft and bearings. If there are accumulated deposits on the water feature’s surface scrub it with an old toilet brush or pressure wash with suitable equipment. Take care not to abrade or otherwise damage the feature’s surface
Step Two
Once the feature is dry, cover it completely with plastic sheeting to prevent water accumulation from Winter snow and rains. Make sure to tape the sheeting in place so that Winter winds don’t blow the cove loose. From time to time check and make sure that water is not collecting in the water feature where in can accumulate and freeze with a chance to crack the concrete or ceramic elements. Remember when accumulated water does freeze you will have to wait for it to melt. Don’t try to chip the ice from frozen surfaces is as his is apt to damage the surfaces of the fountain.
If you follow these simple steps,  you will guarantee your water feature will be ready for operation once the better days of Spring are upon us.

If you don’t was to go through the task of “Winterizing” your water feature, just call The Royal Gardens and we will be glad to schedule a visit to take care of your water feature.