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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Workshops

March is the perfect month for small gardening. March is that limbo month where it is too early to really plant for fears of a late frost. Even though we have had an extremely mild winter.
Terrarium gardens and Fairy Gardening are two ideas to get your gardening fix without the risk of losing tender new follage. Terrariums have made a revivial this year with cool glass globes and hanging glass teardrops. When they are planted, terrariums require little maintenence and care. Perfect for a busy schedule.

Let your imagination go crazy with Fairy Gardening. Provide a place for your fairies to dance and make mischief with a Fairy Container garden. New birdhouses, benches, chairs, and LIGHTS!! to entertain your fairies.

After overwhelming request, our Container Garden workshop is back. Create lasting containers for your front door, side patio or for hostess gifts.Call us for more information on any of these workshops. Bring a friend and make a fun day of gardening.

March 10th - Terrariums

March 17th - Fairy Workshop

March 24th - Container Workshop

Price of the workshop is free. We charge only for the materials and products used.

Other bits . . .

+ Of course, we still have a huge assortment of containers, concrete, glazed, lite weight, and terra cotta containers to plant.

+ Herbs, antique roses, vegetables, and some perennials will start arriving the end of the month.

+ Don't have time to plant your own containers? Let us do it. Call us for more information.