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Containers, Statuary, Fountains, Antique Roses, Fairy Garden Accessories, gifts and more

We plant containers. We deliver. We have container designers on staff who can work with you to find the containers for your property.

We are a family business since 1994.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting to know you

"I have driven by for years and just decided to stop today!" said one customer.

Let me tell you about who we are. Andrea and Larrie Sweet own and run The Royal Gardens shoppe with their daughter Lara, on Seventh Street (across from the Cajun Queen Restuarant in the Elizabeth Neighborhood). Fountains, containers, statues, antique roses, herbs, and very cute gift items are what we are known for.

We also have a Landscape division and a Maintenence Division. Jared Sweet owns and runs the Landscape division and Garth owns and runs the Maintenence.

We have been here for 17 years and plan to be around for alot longer. Make it a point to stop by and see what there is to see.

Needless to say, we work each day together. We are a small local family business. We do great work and we care about what we do. It is a direct reflection of who we are.

Stop by. Check out what we have and do. Become part of our family.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom called and she wants antique roses, fountains, herbs, and a beautiful statue to complete her garden. As usual, we have great garden gifts, but we also have colorful market baskets and very cute moss purses for planting.

In the store we were just remarking about how time has flown by. Did April happen? Now Mother's Day and graduation is upon us. Soon the kids will be out of school terrorizing the neighborhoods.

Recently a few orders of concrete and glazed pottery have come in. So we have lots to choose from. And of course we have lots of ideas to help fill those pots. Come by the shoppe and we will help.