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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Says They Don't Grow Here!

Well technically it's not the right zone for Lilies of the Valley. But these little beauties are tucked under a big oak tree in lots of danger of dogs, kids and occasionally a chicken or three. I enjoy them only for a few days before they are just a memory. Funny where plants decide to take root and thrive.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Pots!!

This past week has been very busy with deliveries and shipments. Let's just say, we are packed to the gills with glazed containers, concrete, statues, herbs, and the cutest fairy garden accessories.

You had such a good time with the free workshops in March that we are continuing them in April. Here's the schedule:

April 2nd - Bring water to your garden with fountains and birdbaths.

April 9th - Farm in your containers. Herbs, veggies, and more in your containers.

April 16th - Garden Party. Always time to party in spring

April 23th - Create your own Fairy Garden container.

April 30th - Antique Roses/ Mint Museum Garden Tour.- Wow! Wow! Wow!