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Friday, February 25, 2011

Antique Rose Workshop

Do you remember walking through your grandmother's garden and smelling the sweet hypnotic smell of roses? Marie Pavie (the Children's Rose, 1888), Old Blush, Madame Alfred Carriere (1879) are some of the over 500 varieties of Antique roses that are available. Some varieties have been around for over 200 years and they each have a story. (Wouldn't you have a story if you were around that long!)

Sombreuil (1850)has 110 petals on its roses and Old Blush (1752) is nearly thornless and relatively care-free.

What makes them antique? Well, they have been around for a while but also they are disease resistant, evergreen, and drought tolerant. Antique roses are easy to grow because it is UNNECESSARY to spray. Only fertilize them in the spring and in the fall, trim out dead wood, and enjoy them. It's truly that easy.

Learn more about the ease, history, characteristics, and varieties of antique roses March 19th. Please call to reserve your space.

(photo from Antique Rose Emporium. Rose is called Lafter, 1948)

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