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Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't waste the basil

Let's just say how wonderful these cool days and cooler nights are. But with the cooler nights herbs and plants start to prepare for winter or die. Basil doesn't really prepare so much as freeze out and die so don't waste it. Use it or store it or dry it.
My favorite way (and the fastest) is to put it in the blender and whirl it with some olive oil. It should be a little thick. Pour into ice cube trays; freeze, then when winter gets here (winter is bound to happen sooner or later) pull out a few of those cubes and pop them into vegetable soup. Or for a really fast dinner, thaw a cube and toss with a little pasta of your choice. Maybe some parmesan cheese. Viola! Dinner.
The same can be done with parsley, cilantro, mint or a mix of herbs. You could also use butter instead of olive oil. Yummy!

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