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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maintaining your Fountain

Fountains are very simple and very easy to enjoy. For disappearing fountains all you need is a container, a basin, a pump and some stones. (More on those later in the month.) Or there are many other kinds of fountains that bring the calmness of water to your garden making it a place to enjoy.

There are a few key maintainance points for fountains.
  • Remember you will have to clean this fountain a minimum of 2 times a year. Once in the spring and once in the late fall before winter.
  • Get a pump with more power. You can always turn the power down.
  • The basin should have a "door" so you can reach the pump.
  • We recommend turning off and draining your fountains before winter, so the pumps don't freeze.
  • When digging in the basin for a disappearing fountain, it should be leveled above the ground by 2 inches so the mulch or soil around it does not run into the fountain. Big mess when this happens!
  • When you go away, you should turn off your fountain. If the fountain runs out of water, the pump will burn up.
  • If you have green algae in your fountain, put a splash of white vinegar in your fountain to neutralize the water. It is safe for your birds and pets.

These warm days that we are having are great times to get your fountains working just in time for spring.

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